Social Media is the craze

There is a movement going on right now.  A movement to survive no matter how big or small you are.  We're seeing desperation from the top down and over work from the bottom up.  

Its not what this country was founded on but that's a different blog and nobody ever agrees on things in politics.


Social Media

Social Media Statistics

  • Facebook with over 1.3 Billion users worldwide,
  • Twitter with 645 million users worldwide,
  • LinkedIn with 313 million users,
  • YouTube with over 3.65 billion users and 900 million new visitors a month,
  • Instagram with 150 million users
  • Pinterest with 97.8 million new visitors a month.



In today's world, you need to be on your toes, in the mix of things and constantly in contact with your audience in order to get that last little bit out which in most cases means survival.  Social Media is what is constantly thrown around.  Get social media its the craze, get Facebook get Twitter, get LinkedIn,  get foursquare, get Pintrest, get Instagram, get, get... The more things that come out, the more in becomes diversified. It's like a wave going in and out and taking sand in and out with it. We all are just the grains of sand going for the ride on the wave.

I'm telling you friends, you need focus.  You need planning.  You need direction.  You need to take a half hour of your life, find the quiet and focus on where your going, who your reaching and how your going to do it.  Before you start.....not after you start.

I get so many phone calls that say "Rob, we need Social Media.  Can you just set up our Facebook page and make it look good?"  Sure we can do that but you will never reach your market.  EVER.  Imagine that there are millions of people out there capable of making pictures with cameras, designing logos with new computers and with the advancement of technology things are only going to get better, hotter, greater looking and more attractive.  Everyone is dying to get your attention.  It's going to take Guerrillas to get things noticed because we are all inundated with advertisements.

So lets think about this concept of 30/30.  Once a week, do this religiously,  take 30 minutes, find the quiet, find the peace, find the FOCUS and write down 30 things.  Easy right!!! Easy to write one thing down once a minute.  It could be questions, statements, frustrations, successful things that happened that week.  Anything.  You see our mind is so powerful, so overwhelmed, so exhausted and so guided by the rubbish that we put into it with the everyday chaos and distractions that if we simplify, it paints a gorgeous picture of who we are, where we are going and what we are doing to reach out and target our customers.  All of this subconsciously, miraculously, wonderfully and effortlessly. 

Do the 30/30 and see your life improve.  See your plans come together like a painting.  It'll spur ideas, give you insight, give you direction, show you your success and failures, and most importantly..........

Give you PEACE OF MIND!!!!!


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